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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Katerina Bodovski, Ismael Munoz, Soo-yong Byun, and Volha Chykina. "The Role of Education System Characteristics in Stratification of Math and Science Achievement." International Journal of Sociology of Education, 9(2): 122-154.
  2. Volha Chykina. 2019. "Educational Expectations of Immigrant Students: Does Tracking Matter?" Sociological Perspectives, 62(3): 366-382.
  3. Katerina Bodovski, Volha Chykina, and Tatiana Khavenson. 2019. "Do Human and Cultural Capital Lenses Contribute to Our Understanding of Academic Success in Russia?" British Journal of Sociology of Education, 40(3): 393-409.
  4. Raphaela Schlicht-Schmälzle, Volha Chykina, and Ralf Schmälzle. "An Attitude Network Analysis of Post-National Citizenship Identities." PLOS One, 13(12): 1-19.
  5. Volha Chykina and Charles Crabtree. 2018. "Using Google Trends to Measure Issue Salience for Hard-to-Survey Populations." Socius, 4: 1-3.
  6. Charles Crabtree and Volha Chykina. 2018. "Last Name Selection in Audit Studies." Sociological Science, 5: 21-28.
  7. Robert Bond, Volha Chykina, and Jason Jones. 2017. "Social Network Effects on Academic Achievement." The Social Science Journal, 54(4): 438-449.
  8. Will Smith, Pablo Fraser, Volha Chykina, Sakiko Ikoma, Joseph Levitan, Jing Liu, and Julia Mahfouz. 2017. "What Makes a Global Citizen? The Importance of Education in a Globally Integrated World." Globalisation, Societies and Education, 15(5): 648-665.
  9. Katerina Bodovski, Soo-Yong Byun, Volha Chykina, and Hee Jin Chung. 2017. "Search for a Golden Model of Education: Cross-National Analysis of Math Achievement." Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 47(5): 722-741.
  10. Volha Chykina, Hee Jin Chung, and Katerina Bodovski. 2016. "Great Expectations? Variation in Educational Plans of Students in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe." European Education, 48(1): 43-62.

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Book Chapter

  1. Katerina Bodovski and Volha Chykina. 2019. Quantifying Childhood. In K. Bodovski, Childhood and Education in the United States and Russia: Sociological and Comparative Perspectives (pp. 81-95). Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing.

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Under Review

  1. Volha Chykina. "Pro-Integration Policies and the Occupational Expectations of Immigrant Youth." Revise and Resubmit.
  2. Volha Chykina. "Trying to Excel in the Golden State: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Immigrant Students’ School Achievement in California." Revise and Resubmit.

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Working Papers

  1. Volha Chykina. "Hispanic High School Dropout Rate in the Context of Negative Attitudes Towards Hispanics in Arizona."
  2. Volha Chykina. "Learning the Hard Way: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and the Educational Expectations and Achievement of Immigrant Youth in Europe."
  3. Volha Chykina, Charles Crabtree, and Kiyoteru Tsutsui. "Campus Rights and Inclusivity Index: Measuring Rights and Inclusivity across American Universities."

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