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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Katerina Bodovski, Volha Chykina, and Tatiana Khavenson. "Do Human and Cultural Capital Lenses Contribute to Our Understanding of Academic Success in Russia?" Forthcoming at British Journal of Sociology of Education.
  2. Raphaela Schlicht-Schmälzle, Volha Chykina, and Ralf Schmälzle. "An Attitude Network Analysis of Post-National Citizenship Identities." PLOS One, 13(12): e0208241.
  3. Volha Chykina and Charles Crabtree. 2018. "Using Google Trends to Measure Issue Salience for Hard-to-Survey Populations." Socius, 4: 1-3.
  4. Charles Crabtree and Volha Chykina. 2018. "Last Name Selection in Audit Studies." Sociological Science, 5: 21-28.
  5. Robert Bond, Volha Chykina, and Jason Jones. 2017. "Social Network Effects on Academic Achievement." The Social Science Journal, 54(4): 438-449.
  6. Will Smith, Pablo Fraser, Volha Chykina, Sakiko Ikoma, Joseph Levitan, Jing Liu, and Julia Mahfouz. 2017. "What Makes a Global Citizen? The Importance of Education in a Globally Integrated World." Globalisation, Societies and Education, 15(5): 648-665.
  7. Katerina Bodovski, Soo-Yong Byun, Volha Chykina, and Hee Jin Chung. 2017. "Search for a Golden Model of Education: Cross-National Analysis of Math Achievement." Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 47(5): 722-741.
  8. Volha Chykina, Hee Jin Chung, and Katerina Bodovski. 2016. "Great Expectations? Variation in Educational Plans of Students in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe." European Education, 48(1): 43-62.

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Under Review

  1. Volha Chykina. "Between-School Tracking and Educational Expectations: Does Being an Immigrant Matter?" (Revise and resubmit at Sociological Perspectives.)

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Working Papers

  1. Katerina Bodovski, Ismael Munoz, Soo-yong Byun, and Volha Chykina. "The Role of Education System Characteristics in Stratification of Math and Science Achievement."
  2. Volha Chykina. "Hispanic High School Dropout Rate in the Context of Negative Attitudes Towards Hispanics in Arizona."
  3. Charles Crabtree and Volha Chykina. "Fatalities: An R Data Package of Police Killings and Local Demographic Covariates."
  4. Volha Chykina. "Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Educational Expectations and Achievement of Immigrant Youth in Europe."
  5. Volha Chykina. "Trying to Excel in the Golden State: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Achievement of Immigrants in California."

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